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    Backstory: had 270 with t moblile month to month 39 for 1000 whenever.
    battery is dying. order VC GSM 650, never got here. Got cing 650 to try for 30 days. 30 days is up today...MUST DECIDE TODAY.


    Last day of 30 Days with cingular. Must decide today!
    39 dollar 450 min/ w rollover
    $20 media net unlimited/before feb
    1 year contract.
    Cost me $550 with tax.
    Rep Cant use the $50 dollar rebate without the $39 dollar media plan
    Year contract.

    Also have $350 VC unlocked treo ordered but who knows when they will be here Here is what I have to decide today and I could use your help..

    Also kept broken 270 with month to month that t mobile wont replace for less than $300 as a backup option if VC unlocked 650 got here within the 30 dys- which it did not. Which is why I am in this mess.


    What would you do...What is the ideal outcome given these facts.

    1) last day of 30 day with cingular
    2) have tmobile on broken 270 with no contract costing me $50 /month
    3) have vc ordered GSM unlocked
    4) have to decide today

    IF I keep cing 650 as is with cingular"
    already paid setup fee
    20 unlimited media is now gone up
    Less hassel life stress to program whole new phone
    Has edge

    stuck with cingular
    Crippled phones
    Crippled Dun and locked to cingular
    No insurance


    1) take back the phone and contract _ pay the cost of setup fee ($36?)
    And not have a treo till the unlocked comes

    2) take back the treo and get a cheapest phone that works with current plan. Switch sims when the unlocked ones comes and stay with cingular
    shut off tmobile

    3) take back everything and try to use my tmobile account with a (broken 270 that they want to charge me 300 dollars to fix) till the unlocked treo comes. Then swith my tmobile sim to the unlocked treo

    4) keep the cingular phone, get it unlocked by cingular somhow, find a patch to enable dun, keep the cingular contract, and ebay the unlocked one when it Comes.

    Further questions:

    Since part of the dicision is between Cing edge and t moble gprs
    And Chicago is on EDGE, how do I find out if my phone is on edge instead of GPRS nHow fast should edge be? I get between 70 and 112 kbs is that edge?

    Does T mobile have insurance on an unlocked 650 with no plan?

    I know cingular does not but if the thing breaks will cingular replace it after 30 days or does it go back to palm.

    What would you do? must decide today!!!! All constructive comments welcome. What is the ideal outcome as far as value?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Do you REALLY need bluetooth DUN? My guess is no.
    Edge is really not that much faster (I'm told)
    Do you REALLY need an unlocked Treo? Not likely.

    And finally, what is the best plan you can get from any provider? Sprint, Cingular, etc. That is really the most important financial consideration in the long run. (And don't forget it looks like Sprint is offering $100 in software and should give you $150 rebate for a new customer)

    And you could e-bay the Vienna Channels one and make a couple hundred bucks or you can simply use it and save a couple hundred bucks. So that's kind of a wash.

    Good luck.
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    Id stick with tmobile since you won't be able to match that plan from any carrier. In terms of data access you can simply add the 4.99$ tzones option and then configure your blazer proxy with and you now have access to html, pop, smtp, and imap. Buy an unlocked 650 from P1 and ebay your VC Treo when you get it.
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    Regarding a warranty, P1 has great customer service when it comes to their products. I had my Treo 600 exhanged twice free of charge under their warranty.
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    I would just switch to Sprint and be done with it. Cheaper in the long run.

    As for PalmOne cust. service, I beg to differ. They are horrible. I bought over 50 600's directly from them, and they refused to do any warranty work...they always refer you to the carrier (even with GSM). That is a nightmare.

    And their cust. svc. is all outsourced to the lowest bidder in India, which says it all.
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    The plans with cingular

    39.95 with 450 and rollover/ I dont use this many minutes now
    and 20 media net =$60


    39.95 with 1000 whenever
    and 20 dollar media net =60
    i havent a clue how to do the t zones proxy thing sounds iffy

    So money wise its a wash as far as the plans

    cing seems to have slighty beter coverage
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    also is Vienna channels covered by the palm warranty when they do come or do you have to send it back to vienna channels..
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    also is Vienna channels covered by the palm warranty when they do come or do you have to send it back to vienna channels..

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