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    Having problems getting 650 and PB 17" to share files via bluetooth.
    HAs any one ben successful?
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    Have you tried searching the Treo/Mac forums? There's bound to be an answer there. ADditionally, I own an iBook and believe that you have to purchase "the missing sync" to sync/share files with the mac.
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    If you can pair em' you can share em'. Once the two devices recognize each other use the bluetooth file sharing utility or go to the bluetooth menu and hit send file. On the treo side select a file, select send, select bluetooth, and select ur trusted device - PB 17. Should be that easy...around 45-50k a second transfer without any other bluetooth devices paired to the mac.

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    I have noticed that I have to send a file from my treo to my powerbook, before I can send a file from my powerbook to my treo. Not sure why but it is!
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    You can send photos and memos with them just paired^^^^. Missing sync will let you synchronize address book, calendar, and install programs onto treo. What kind of files?
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    Your right, everything is working fine,


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