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    Hi, I just wonder if it is possible to use a treo 650 lcd into a treo600 model handset. If so, this might solve the memory issue of treo650.

    Just thinking.
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    and new crop of problems arise as well...

    slow processor
    lousy camera
    non removeable battery
    no bluetooth!
    no EDGE!!
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    the OS on the 600 isn't setup for hi-res....
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    ...flash the 600 with the 650 ROM perhaps?
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    Different processor and memory subsystem, different camera hw, differences go on and on
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    I don't think it's overstating it to say ther'es not a chance in hell this could work...
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    If it was possible I know one thing, I would dump my T650 and move back to the T600, I have no current need for bluetooth or camera, maybe in a year or two, by then there will be better devices such as T700, etc..
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