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    I have done many hard resets in the past. Hold the up button, hit reset button inside case, wait to logo, release up button.

    Trying to load Websters collegiate dictionary to the SD card, things went nuts.

    I have removed the card.

    Trying to do a hard reset now, does not work! After release of the up button, it dumps me into the phone screen. Hitting the home button puts the treo into the infinite reset loop. Trying to hard reset again, once again dumps me into the phone menu.

    Any ideas how to do a hard reset at this point?
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    Did you remove the battery? No reset loop can survive having no battery. If it keeps doing it after you reinsert the battery then leave the battery out overnight, get some rest. It's late, and tomorrow is a brand new day.
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    You are't doing a hard reset. To do one, press and hold the red power/phone button on the right side of the Treo, then click the reset switch under the battery cover with your stylus. Release the button only once you see the round Palm One logo screen, which comes up after the boot screen. You will get a little query screen in multiple languages asking you if you want to erase all your data. Click the up arrow on the five way pad, and your Treo will be restored to factory defaults, no data at all on it.

    The reset you think you are doing is a boot reset. It boots the Treo with no extensions loaded. You can then delete apps that normally can't be deleted, or clean up things. Once tidied, you must do a soft reset (just click the reset button) to reboot properly. Hope this helps.
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