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    I just brought home a Cingular Treo 650 tonight, and it seems that I'm unable to talk, as if the device is on permanent mute.

    At first, I thought the microphone was broken, but I was able to successfully record sound using the video recorder and play it back.

    But if I called another phone, the person on the other end was unable to hear me talking into the Treo. I also tried connecting the wire headset that comes with the Treo, and the other end still couldn't hear anything, even if I spoke directly into the headset microphone.

    I also tried turning mute on and off again, that didn't work.

    It appears to be some kind of bizarre software problem. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a fix for it?
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    This is not a bug. It's a feature known as "BSfilter". Basically, it stops callers from hearing what YOU have to say.

    Just kidding... I would return it. It seems very common to have physical problems with the first batches of both GSM and CDMA. Not sure it's software, or everyone? would have it?
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 which has been working with a headet since December but all of a sudden the headset mic stopped working like yours. Did you exchange for a new Treo? Did that solve the problem?

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