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    I have several SMTP profiles, differing in name and email address. For Replies and Forwards, I would like Chatter to default to the profile whose email address matches the TO address on the message to which I am replying, or which I am forwarding.

    Thunderbird and Mulberry can do this, and maybe other clients. It's very convenient for people who are managing multiple "lives" through a single Inbox; each of their correspondents hears back from the identity they sent their message to.

    Can this be done?
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    Agreed, I think this would be a great addition. Marc has already said he's looking into this: see this thread.
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    Yes, I'm hoping to get to that this week, actually.

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    Thanks for the reference, jberman. I apologize for the duplication. This feature goes by so many different names that it's hard to search for.
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    I tried this in 1.0.3b7, where it's reportedly implemented. It's not working for me. A reply to a message received at one of my smtp addresses is still defaulting to my main ("Inbox") profile. Do I need to do something to activate this feature?
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    It's certainly implemented in b7, and doesn't require any new settings. You're sure that the "To" address matches the "Return Address" in one of your profiles? I can send you a test version if you like that logs this information. Shoot me an email if you want me to do that...

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    OK...I will send you several samples at (I assume that's the right address)
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    Has anyone else tried this feature? Success? Failure?
    Marc, did you get the examples I sent? If you don't see an obvious error in what I'm doing, I will happily take you up on your offer to send a version that will log the problem.
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    Sorry, today has been busy. I'll look at it tomorrow.


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