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    and upon furrther investigation, the phone # it's trying to dial (when i press and hold 1) is some nonsensical # AND upon FURTHER investigation (according to cingular) there is no way to edit this bogus #. they claim they are waiting for palm 1 to provide a firmware update. please somebody tell me the tech i spoke with at cingular has their head up their *** and i can infact edit the # my voicemail dials. if not does anybody have any word on when this fix will take place? i just want to be able make phone calls, check my voice mail, and have my address book/schedule on one device; too much to ask?
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    Search the forum, this is apparently an issue several Cingular people are having.
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    Turn the phone off and back on again. Then go try to edit the number. This may take 5 or 6 tries, but eventually the VM number field will be editable. However, it will become corrupted next time you power off/on your phone, so I wouldn't bother. This problem has already been acknowledged by palmOne in their support forums, and they say they are working on it. In the meantime, they suggest you move the Voicemail favorite button out of the way, create a new one with the correct number and use it. Also, do not use the #1 or the voicemail icon to check voicemail. This is their workaround while they investigate and solve this VM number corruption problem.
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    Yep, the cingular support guy was right. My password got programmed into the VoiceMail button and now it's there for life. Which won't be very long for this device, unless they can make it respond more quickly and stop locking up.
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    Yep, P1 is working on a MORE permanent fix. Zboater is correct on the P1 forum they have a temp fix and that is to move your VM fav button to another Favorites page. Here is the link:

    Just write in the search field "voicemail problems" and the About field select Treo 650 Cingular, Sprint, unlocked.....etc.

    If P1 is going to send an upgrade to the T650 firmware to Cingular will the end user have access to that or will they change our firmware by "over the air" (OTA)?

    According to P1 if the problem exists in our SIM card will we be issued a new sim card that is compatible and not "corruptable"?

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