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    I have been using LightWav 5.1 on my Sprint PCS TREO 650 for quite a while. I found that my phone would do a reset when a call would come in, and other strange resets at unexpected times. I have switched to a different application, called Ringo. It's not quite as robust, but it does not cause any resets.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.

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    If you run a search on LightWav, KoolAlarms or other ToySoft products, not to mention checking user experiences at PalmGear on respective pages, you'll find that you are NOT alone. Quite the contrary, you belong to a growing club of users with intense frustration/irritation/etc. Enjoy hassle-free Ringo.
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    This is not good software and I do not recommend that anyone purchase it. It used to be quite good but it has gotten progressivley buggier and buggier. One of the most frustrating things is that when you upgrade, it loses all your preferences and custom settings! If you use custom ringtones or mp3 ringers (arguably one of the few reasons to get the product) this is a total drag. You have to go through and re-create them all one at a time. This is the just the tip of the iceberg- the app often creates inexplicable soft resets on incoming calls! Very annoying. I was a huge fan of LightWav and I am really bummed it has gotten so poor. This developer seems to throw trhe product out there to let us beta test it for him, even thougfh we paid for it. BAD way to keep customers. If you look elsewhere here on TC, you will find a lot of bad feedback written about these latest releases of LIghtWav. I'm going to investigate other ringtone managers now.
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    I also tried it and had all the same sad because I loved all the features but my phone is an asset and I use it daily and cant have it rebooting just so I can have cool ringtones, when the product is running without resets I'll gladly buy it. I also have switched to ringo for the time being.
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    I had resets on incoming calls too, then my ringer just stopped working. After a few hard resets and reinstalls, I determined that the problem was definitely Lightwav. I'm living with standard ringers for now, until I feel comfortable with the stability of another product. Maybe I'll check out Ringo as well.


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