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    Tried doing a search, but the subject header on the threads didn't direct me anywhere useful. I did my best to make my subject header useful and succinct for future queries and interests.


    Now, on with the show!

    Just installed the Snapper Mail demo on my T600 and am in the process of getting my Yahoo e-mail accounts (send & receive) to work. This requires a lengthy process, as I figured from reading SnapperMail's user manual.

    It looks like you need info for two mail servers: one for Yahoo (incoming .pop) and one for Sprint (outgoing .smtp). The Sprint stuff requires updating your Sprint Vision password (among other things) as I found here:

    Of course, in the "Server" section of the "Edit POP3 Account," entering my Yahoo Mail's POP3 server info for the INCOMING mail section was a snap!


    Before I could change Snaper's outgoing smtp info, I had to do the Sprint Website stuff. Once there, I followed the instructions to the letter, though by reading the notation listed, it may take a few hours for my new Sprint PCS password to be reconginized on my Treo. (The waiting is the hardest part!)

    Sidebar: Just as I was entering the new outgoing/smtp data into my Snappermail's "Edit POP3 Account," Sprint--via my T600--chimed in with a SMS type note and told me that I needed to install the Sprint Phone Updater! I clicked on "yes" and it took about 2 minutes or so to finish the job. To be safe, I did a soft reset.

    After getting back into Snapper and entering my Sprint smtp info and clicking on OK, I tried sending a sample e-mail from my main Yahoo address to another Yahoo e-mail address I have. I got that "incomplete/e-mail did not go through" message.

    So, for those of you who have done this process before, how long did it take for you to to start using your Snapper/Yahoo account (or other e-mail program) after updating your Sprint Vision Password? Imediately? A few hours? Any comments and tips/tricks would are enthusiastically welcomed.

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    I've been doing more research on the subject and may have stumbled on an answer. Please see my other thread here:

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