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    I am piloting (excuse the pun) wireless devices in an enterprise environment. Basically, I get to play with Visors, iPaqs, and all sorts of other toys

    I'm looking for a software package that will ease the management of PalmOS (and, ideally, PocketPC) devices. Specifically, allowing locking of certain aspects (user information, corporate database passwords, etc) as well as creating a base template that will be installed on all systems before they are deployed.

    Has anyone seen such an application? Can you recommend something? Admitedly, I have not yet done any research, but thought I should ask my friends here first. Any suggestions on enterprise deployment of any nature would be appreciated as well.


    Daniel Wigdor
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    From a corporate perspective, Palm OS devices are a security liability. The security issues are the same as with laptop computers . . . only more so (more portable, even less secure by design, etc.). This may or may not be a big deal depending on your environment; and, before true believers in Palm security products get all over me, let me ask them this: Would they be willing to trust their medical or financial records to their favorite security product with the knowledge that a hacker may well have near unlimited time to break into it?

    User info can not truely be locked. A hard reset sees the user doing as they please . . .

    Corporate database passwords: can't help you here. I don't/won't be deploying anything that directly interacts with our database systems, so passwords are a non-issue for me. However, I'm guessing that Oracle and IBM might have workable solutions . . . if you can handle the $$$$

    There is better news regarding mass deployments, base templates and mass syncing. You probably already know about them, but you can save yourself some time by starting your review with Aether's ScoutWare -
    Their product is also marketed by Palm -
    A competing product, WaveSync, also looks good; but they have lost what little third party support they had (Toffa defected to ScoutWare).

    An aside, IR Network HotSyncs are a no go with the Visor. So you'd best stick to the TRGpro or Palm's newer models if you want to leverage ScoutSync using the built in IR ports on Palm devices (i.e. Palm IR port->IR receiver->Ethernet->Server). For an "IR receiver->Ethernet" solution, check into ClarinetSystems -

    Please share any discoveries that you make with the rest of us. OK?
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    Beautiful - thanks for the pointers. I will share any results as soon as they're produced


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