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    I downloaded Agendus Pro trial and since I didn't like the program I uninstalled it using Uninstall. Now I can't seem to get my Calendar alarm to work again. I've even tried using backupman to back up the calendar again. I checked my Tones to make sure they are there and working. Anyone have any ideas?
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    you may need to hard reset.
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    Hmm..thats what I didn't wanna have to do. I'll try to do a backup again with backup man. I also noticed when I use Filez that I have "datebook" in RAM. But in the latest backup I have in Backupman, no file exists. I will delete that and restore calendar again.
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    Ok now that I've done that I added a new Event and set the Alarm to Personal instead of Undefined and that seemed to work. Tried another Event but set it to Undefined and that didn't work. Doesnt make sense since my morning alarm was set to undefined and used to work before all this happened. I guess Ill just have to set it to personal from now on. Thanks for the input.
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    My Calendar Alarms just stopped working. Prefs/Sounds is defined properly and I can test play the alerts from SOUNDS...just NO alerts from calendar events!

    The only thing I have done recently is update the following:
    Volume Care 5.08
    2Day 1.41 (205)
    Genius 1.12
    PrefDoctor .6

    I have tried all the more calendar alerts.
    Anyone else having this issue??
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    Hotsynced and now alerts are back...WTF

    ...then Alert caused reset, which in turn deleted all my Prefs.

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