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    I downloaded, using the Palm Desktop/install, 3 MP3 Files at the same time into my SD Card. It took 60 minutes and 2 MP3 files were downloaded in the right directory (/audio) and 1 file in the /CDIM directory ! There is lots of space available on my SD Card. How can this happen ?

    My 2nd question. I want to move the file in the CDIM Dir. to AUDIO. using FileZ. When I select the file, on my SD Card, and choose MOVE or COPY I get the following message; This Operation can't be performed on a card (external card).
    How can I move my MP3 File that is located in the wrong directory into the proper directory ?

    Thank you.
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    move it to the Palmcard, then back to thw SD.
    Bob Meyer
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    I suggest you get a card reader (about $15). This allows you to copy MP3 files directly from your PC. You can also manipulate the files and folders when the card is mounted as a drive on your PC.

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