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    Hi all,

    I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere before so I thought I'd share the info.
    I wanted TomTom to work on my 600 real bad and in the end I took a gamble as TomTom themselves said to me the Treo 600 is not and is unlikely to be supported in the future.
    Anyways, after some late nights studying specs I could see no reason why it wouldn't work and I bought this kit.

    Seidio G2500 Car Kit for Treo 600.

    The only bugs I've encountered so far are:
    The Treo forces TomTom to close on an incoming call which requires you to restart TomTom. The software picks up the route and continues navigation smoothly afterwards though.
    The Treo crashes sometimes if you exit TomTom in a navigation session.

    If I find any more bugs I'll add to this thread.

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    I agree with you. I think this is the best set up. I hope to have all the components together by the end of the week and start the install over the weekend.

    I will try to post after installed.

    One question, how did you get the TomTom GPS reciever into the RJ11 input on the Seidio G2500? is there some adapter or cable that is required? Thanks.
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    The TomTom wired GPS receiver plugs straight into the Seidio G2500.
    No adaptors are needed.
    So far, I have not found any further bugs and I've been using the kit for the last four days.
    I did notice that the Treo crashes LESS with TomToms Treo 650 update installed.
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    So, other than installation with the Navigator 2004 and the 650 Update, you have not done anything else? Is that correct?

    I would like to email you directly, if you would PM me your address. Thanks.
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    That's correct. I've not done anything else Rdambros.
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    Does this setup work as a portable device, not tethered to a car? In other words, is it battery operated as well?
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    If you carried a 12V DC power supply around with you (like a motorcycle battery) it would be portable, but bulky. Currently, the GPS receiver only has power when the Seido holster is plugged into the cigarette lighter.
    It should be possible to make a cable that connects the Treo directly to the receiver though. This would be handy for hiking/mountain biking etc. I'll look into this.
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    I have a Delorme Earthmate and have never been able to get it to connect to my Treo. I have always wanted the TomTom setup as I love their software. Then I saw the Seidio car kit w/wired GPS that included Mapopolis' software. I'm not a big fan of Mapopolis so far and I have some concerns about the reliability of Seidio.

    My questions to you are have you had the same unacceptable echo issue using the hands-free function of the cradle, and are you able to load Tom Tom's map information on an SD card?

    I really appreciate any input on this as it will most assuredly affect my decision on this possible purchase combination.
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    What does the Seido kit "do" to make the GPS visible for TomTom. I have a Holux wired GPS mouse, that came with Perfect Passenger, but TomTo doesn't see it. I think it's pretty weird that a standards complying device isn't seen by TomTom. Or is the TomTom GPS mouse a proprietary device? Or is it the v4.42 update that finally supports the Treo600 serial port?
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    Regarding Golfingtiggers questions:
    a) There is no echo when a microphone is plugged into the Seidio. There IS an echo if no microphone is attached. You cannot really use it handsfree without a microphone plugged in as the Treos own microphone is smothered by the cradle when mounted.
    b) TomToms maps can be easily installed to the SD card.

    Note: I use a GSM Treo 600 and the radio interference (beeping) through the Seidios built in speaker is very noisy. However, there is little or no interference through attached headphones ?!? and a caller can be heard and talked to clearly.
    Seidios could have made a switch to disable the speaker.
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    Just to add my 2 cents...I have this exact setup and it is working great for me. The Seidio documentation isn't very good as it tells you to place the external microphone on the jack on top when it really needs to go on the side above the volume button (their website pics are correct). Once the external mic is in the proper jack there has been absolutely no echo or interference and everyone I talk to says that I sound like I am on a landline phone (I just have the external mic on my visor). As far as GPS goes, TomTom works well too. I generally don't have the phone function on while actively using TomTom to find a destination. Works out great for me though .
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    Do either of you have some pics of the install, as I am concerned about the amount of wires lying around and maybe considering the hard wiring option.

    Buz, where did you purchas the TomTom Navigator, and what exact model did you purchase, and what did you pay. Thanks so much.
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    Buz. Is your phone GMS or CDMA?
    I have some pics. I'll post them tomorrow.
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    I purchased TOMTOM Navigator 2004 (1H00.080) from for around $160. Looks like they have it for a slightly higher price than where Sizzles posted, but free shipping so it may work out to be about the same price.

    I have a proclip for my car that I attached the Seidio to. I wanted to be able to use this setup in multiple cars and rental cars I didn't hardwire anything, this way I slide the Seidio into the proclip setup in my primary car then I can take the Seidio etc and use it in any other car with the heating vent clip or window pedestal (I typically use the vent clip traveling). I'll see if I can get some pics of the setup for you.

    Thanks sizzles for posting this originally for everyone....
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    Hey Sizzles, mine is CDMA via Sprint...
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    Ahh.. CDMA. That explains why you're getting no interference. I often travel around continents so I opted for the GMS version for compatability. Ho Hum.

    You're all welcome, happy to do it.
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    You guys have given me hope about a setup that I might actually put in place.

    I currently use a Radio Shack universal phone cradle that just isn't cutting it anymore. I've had to shave of a post on the bottom so that I could connect the audio jack to my stereo into the bottom of the Treo. The disappointment of theSupplynet cable also serves as more motivation to move to this setup.

    I'm actually excited to get this setup put into action.
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    A picture of TomTom running on my kit.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Nice Audi. I'm guessing a 1.8T Quattro, circa 2004.

    How is the vent holder. Is it secure enough, or do you feel like it is not holding the unit securely.

    Any options available to lose/hide the GPS or power cables.

    Lastly, just an update, I ordered the Seidio and the TomTom, but expect it will take some time to get to me in Canada. I will keep you posted.
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    Yes ! good guess... 2005 model.

    The vent holder I would say is "adequate". It does the job. There is some freeplay across the vent and no angle adjustment but I've no complaints with it. It holds the unit in there securely.
    The window mount (also supplied) allows for more angle adjustment and probably suits the regular user more.

    I guess the cable issue is something you gotta live with when you own a Treo 600 and you go for GPS + hands free in a car. Depending on how much you wanted to alter/disturb your car, it would be possible to hide all the cables.

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