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    Sir beamer:

    sound slike a setting thing...check preferences / options for correct GPS settings

    Seidio TS (832) 204-1104
    TT TS (978) 287-9555
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    Thanks for the reply. I believe I have tried everything in that area.

    I did find a link earlier in this post that concerned itself with giving a signal a ground that told TomTom that it was in a cradle and enabled the antenna use. I am going to try that in the morning.

    I will definately update the board to let them know if this fixed my problem.

    Thanks again for any help...

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    OK, I could not sleep well, so I decided to get up and check this out. My cradle has these 2 pins shorted out already. So that is not my problem...

    Next, I metered the connection points out and found the power wires read out good, but the data wires did not... So after investigating, I saw where they came into a board and went back out at, and it appears to have some sort of electronic interferrance/amplification maybe. I then just jumpered the sets out for a direct connection and no change to my origonal problem.

    I really do not understand why Mapopolis would see the GPS antenna and TomTom does not.

    I am dumbfounded about this.

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    For those looking for the old TT2004, it's out on the EDonkey network. Normally I would have a serious problem with that...but you can't even buy it from themanufacturer if you wanted to. I'll let y'all know how it goes when it comes to time to install. Oh...anyone gotten it to work with a connection toa standard handheld GPS like a Garmin GPS 76?
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