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    Newbie here. I've been having the problem of TT not recognizing the GPS on my Treo600. The reset seems to fix the problem temporarily, however, I have a question. Has anyone tried installing's SetSerPort file to see if it fixes the serial port issue w/TT? I have downloaded the zip file, but have not installed the setserport.prc file. Would like to see if others have tried this before I install.

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    Is anyone using the Semsons Treo 600 bundle with TomTom? If yes, what are your experiences? Any tips on set-up are highly appreciated.
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    Does the Semsons/TomTom set allow for connectivity to the Seidios?
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    Liqua1 - make sure that you clear the route everytime you arrive at the destination, or before you exit TT. I have notice that once I have started clearing the routes than I do not have to soft reset the T600 before the next use. Otherwise, if I do not clear the route the TT says it can't find the GPS. Also, if you get a call in the middle of a GPS route, you get kicked out of TT and the same problem happens when you try to run it again, that is, you have to soft reset and then select recent destination and start again.

    Try it and let us know.
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    I installed the SetSerPort file and selected what the programmer recommended. I have had no problems, but then I haven't had a long trip and, I haven't received a call in the middle of a session (route). Also, I now as rdambros suggested, clear the route. So, with changing so many variables who knows which one, if any, solved my problem. I believe it is better because I get a signal everytime I connect. Software, clearing route?????

    Also, I ordered the Seidio holder (2100), didn't have the 2500, I guess that will be another test as well.

    Thanks for the tips.
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    I have some questions...

    Does the TT software take you directly to an input address?

    What is meant by "soft reset"?

    Where is the update that has been spoken about for running GPS?

    Can I be in GA and put an Ohio address in and navigate to it? If not, how can that be done?

    I do not have a SD card yet, as wanting to know what size will suit best, if I trave in the southeast US and up to OH on occasion, how much memory is suggested? 1GB?

    I have 2 navigational items now, a handheld that can car mount but no directions, only location is given with direction and speed and it does have roads etc very well but will not "navigate". I also have Delorme GPS with all the software that will navigate and does pretty good, but I have to use my laptop and is awkward to use in my vehicle.

    I am a new 600 owner and recently purchased the Seidio 2500 with the GPS antenna. This seems optimal to me, all I need now is the software to run on the Treo.

    It was mentions about problems if a call comes in during navigating, has that been resloved? To go back into the current destination and continue mapping and navigating?

    Thanks for all the help.
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    I'm planning to travel to Europe and I was wondering if TomTom would work on my Treo 600 just as a mapping software so I don't have to carry a whole bunch of maps with me... I'm planning to visit a few cities and the software sounds like it's what I'm looking for. The thing is that once I'm there I'll be doing a lot of walking so having GPS is not practical.

    What do you think, is it a good replacement for street maps or does it have shortcomings?
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    Tomtom works pretty good with the 600. Only problem is that after "I" make a phonecall I have to reset the treo in order that tomtom recognizes the GPS. If I answer a call, I have no problems whatsoever. I do use the complete setup with the 2500 car mount.
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    I just received an I.Trek Gps mouse and TomTom 2004 from Semson's and have been using it for a few days. This was sold as TomTom for Treo 600, so I certainly hope it is supported!

    My understanding is that if you order a Seidio cradle there is an RJ-11 port for the GPS mouse to attach some gps mice directly. In the order process Seidio asks for the GPS hardware. I'm not sure if this is to provide you an adapter (The I.trek is a PS style connector like the one on a PC mouse/kybd). In any event, they have adapters on their site for $3 that allow you to make the comnection.

    I have been experiencing the phone call interrupt and have to start TomTom again and the Palm Os reset when TomTom attempts to speak some turns, although, this just started happening (it was working flawlessly initially) so there may be some validity to the sound file access on the SD card theory.

    Very happy to hear the Navigator 5 upgrade will be free and I am very impressed with this GPS unit and software.

    We do need fixes and/or workarounds for the problems above, however, anyone know of any?
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    Another (mostly) happy Semson's customer here. I got my i.Trek/TomTom 2004 kit a few days ago. Here are my initial impressions:

    * I had trouble installing the maps onto my SD card using HotSync. I wound up plugging the card into a card reader and doing the "Advanced Transfer" directly to the card, and it worked fine.

    * It does what it says it will do, and looks good doing it. I was looking for TomTom explicitly, because its UI seems much better than its competitors. I wasn't disappointed.

    * Navigator uses the Treo's 5-way controller, which is nice. The center button launches the menu, the arrows zoom in and out and control the speaker volume.

    * The volume is plenty loud just from the Treo's internal speaker, although the voices get a bit distorted at louder volumes.

    * I haven't taken any voice calls (I don't like being on the phone when I'm driving), so I can't speak to any reset issues. I did have Navigator freeze once, which was almost worse because there was still a map showing on the screen. By the time I realized it was no longer updating, I had missed my next turn.

    * If I start up Navigator before the GPS unit has warmed up, it will occasionally fail to get a signal. The GPS light is on, but I have to restart Navigator for it to connect. (It sounds like rdambros may have the solution for that, though.)

    * The free vent mount works great, although I'm considering picking up the Seidio G2100 or G2500 since they seem to cut down on the wires running about. Anyone have recommendations between the two?

    * My whole state (WA) fits easily on a 32mb SD card, which can be picked up for virtually nothing. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

    All in all, this is a great solution for me at less than $200 complete. I had been looking at the standalone TomTom devices, which are probably slicker but more than twice the price and involve leaving expensive gadgets easily visible in my car. And if the Navigator 5 upgrade is really free, even better!
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    I think we got the same deal $179 fro gps hardware and software..very good price indeed..and we will be able to upgrade to TomTom Nav version 5 for no upgrade fee in May I believe.

    I am very pleased with the software and hardware, so much so, I may be looking into the TomTom GO unit for my wife. I am the Treo user so this setup suits me and I use the Treo for everything, but the TomTom stuff is easy to use so a good choice for the Mrs.

    I am having a problem with the treo crashing to reset when TomTom is looking to sound a voice command. This just started happening. It was working for the 1st few days. I thought it may be having trouble accessing the voice files on SD so I loaded other voices (Uk-Tim, hoping for a C3p0 or Tont Blair sound) in treo memory, but no dice. The error even happens on the test in configuring the voice setting/selection. I turn off voice commands and all is well. Plenty of space on treo and SD....Any ideas anyone?

    As for the incoming call, it has always bumped me out of TomTom and requires me to restart and configure my route in TomTom.

    I'm at Treo 600 GSM Firmware: 2.02, S/W: Treo600-1.06-CNG, H/W: B
    TomTom 4.400
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    I have a Sprint phone; maybe that makes a difference for the crash-on-voice problem. I have the app and voices in main memory, map on SD.

    HW Rev C
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    I just emailed TomTom to get their take. I will let you know how they respond.

    bjrubble, are you using TomTom 4.400? TomTom has a update for the 650, and some here have recommended, but 4.4 was working for me on the 600, so I'd like to exhaust all options before that.

    Also, the Arkon vent mount is sufficient and I was able to hide the GPS wire under dash and weatherstrip (I placed on dashboard in lower right of windshield). The Seidio setup looks to hide wires. Having a convertible I would imagine I will need to send the voice thru the radio and plan looking into the FM transmitter option for which I think the 2100 will suffice. I may also have a problem with the sun in the convertible, it may be hard to see the screen (which is why the voice command problem I'm having is important to me to be fixed).

    Comparison for Seidio mouns are at

    I see the only major difference is the built-in speaker of the 2500. can anyone attest to this and their experiences with each?
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    Just received G2500 car kit for Treo 600 for t-mobile and the TomTom Navigator 2004. Reinstalled twice, still couldn't get GPS signal. Emailed and left voice mail message to TomTom and Seidio for assistance. Do your TomTom wired GPS unit light turns on when plugged into G2500? This one doesn't. Ran Configure GPS several times select Wired TomTom, no go. Any thoughts? I'm very anxious to get this thing running. Thanks.
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    This may be a long shot but....How much space do you have left in your internal memory? I noticed I started to have this issue when I had less than 5 MB left.....when I was down to 2 tomtom even reset when starting up, I cleared up more space and it works great again.

    Thermodyne...sounds like maybe your gps is possibly bad, the wired tom tom gps flashes green when there is power.

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    You nailed it. Treo 600 needs ~5meg free internal memory to operate (with voice). I confirmed this with TomTom:

    TomTom Navigator is not compatible with the Treo 600. It may be worth checking the internal memory of your PDA. If it is less than 5mb, remove some files and this should resolve the problem.

    Kind Regards,

    TomTom USA Customer Service

    The first sentence of this response is disturbing. It is interesting that Semson's had this on the site when I ordered specifically for the Treo 600, the drop down for PDA model had Treo 600 and the label on the cigarette lighter adapter has Treo 600 on it. If it were for the Treo 650 the PUC (palm universal connector) would be different. What gives?
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    TomTom does have a browse map feature which allows you to view installed maps, zoom and display points of interest and favorites you create. I don't have european maps just the US and canada..but if you want me to try anything and send you results/screen shots just let me know.
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    Thanks for the reply. It turns out that I might have a defective G2500 Kit. Treo is not shown charging when seated in the Kit cradle. And, Kit's power indicator, to the right of the 2-in-1 switch, does not turn on. Vcc across RJ-11 jack pin #1 and #4 is only 0.62v. What voltage do we need? I don't know. Apparently, not enough to power up the TomTom. I've requested a RMA. Hope this helps others troubleshoot in the future. Cheers.
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    I dropped a line to Semson's and they agreed to refund my purchase (TomTom & i.Trek GPS) or swap it out for Mapopolis. I really like the TomTom software and may opt to keep it with the work around solutions. I may start a new discussion on known problems with TomTom4 and Treo 600..I wonder if the TomTom5 upgrade will fix things or cause more problems with The treo 600.
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