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    Sweet, Sizzle
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    Okay, I just received the TomTom software and GPS receiver. I am currently installing the maps. Wow, it takes a long time, so far running about 1.5 hrs to install Canada and the East Coast of the US.

    My question, did you install the application to the handheld or the SD expansion card? I installed it to the SD and I cannot find the application on my Treo 600. Where is it?

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    Hi All,

    Tomtom Navigator 2004 running on my Treo 600 keeps causing the Treo to reset. A few times I was able to get it to run in my Seidio 2500 car kit and the GPS worked very well. But whenever it tried to speak, the program crashed and my Treo 600 reset. I've since deleted and then resinstalled all the software. All the software the first time was loaded onto my 1GB SD chip, then I changed it so the voice software was in my Treo's main memory. Still my palm resets whenever it tries to speak. Does anyone have a fix for this? I called Tomtom before I bought it and they said it would run on a Treo 600. Thanks!
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    rdambros - I installed everything to my 1GB SD card. The application is called "Navigator" on the palm launcher screen - I'm not sure if it showed up on the launcher prior to me installing the TomTom T5/T650 update or not.

    Brett- Have you installed the TomTom T5/T650 update? If not, give that a try....
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    Okay, I found the application. What I did was installed the application and all the maps to the SD expansion card. In other words, there is nothing on my Application Launcher in the Palm. When this was done, the TomTom software installed the actual application (start.prc) to the wrong file on my SD card. In particular, it was on level to deep in the External/Palm/Launcher folder. I used FileZ to move it back up to the above-stated file and BAM there it was. Now, when I select the expansion card from the pick list in my Application Launcher the TomTom icon appears.

    The benefit of the foregoing is that nothing is on my internal memory. Not even a 41KB application. But, that doesn't mean TomTom is working flawlessly. Now, every time I put my Palm into the Seidio Car Kit and launch TomTom it will not find a GPS signal. If I do a soft reset and put it back, the program finds the GPS signal.

    As of right now, I have not installed the December 2004 Update for the Treo 650. I have left it out because, after I installed in on my first installation attempt, I could not install any more maps????? So, I am currently installing all the maps I want and will then update.

    I will keep everyone updated.

    Sizzles, where are you???
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    I just got a Treo today from T-Mobile, and the main reason I looked at this phone was for the GPS alternatives.

    Do I need the Seidio dock in order to use the TomTom? Please excuse me if this is a stupid question; like I said, I just got setup with a Treo today. Thanks, and great forum!
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    You do not need the Seidio Docking Car Kit, however it is a good setup. Otherwise, you will need a special Y cable that allows you to plug in the GPS receiver. This cable is specific to the GPS receiver you have and can be bought from the same company that sells you the GPS.

    The T600 does not have the bluetooth that the T650 has and will require the cable for connectivity and to power the GPS. I am happy with the Seidio Car Kit G2500, it offers a speaker and a GPS point of entry and a hands free alternative. It does have a lot of wires.

    My only wish is that I could take the whole set up with me from car to car a little easier, but that will have to wait for the T650.LOL
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    Thanks Buzz,

    I did install the Treo 650 update from Tomtom but it made no difference. The software works very well, except that every time it tries to speak it crashes and resets my Treo 600. Is anyone else having this problem? Any solutions out there? Anyone else have Tomtom Navigator 2004 running just fine on a Treo 600?

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    Brett ... if you have the G2500 it has a switch on the face of it with a music symbol for MP3/GPS usage and a symbol of a phone for phone usage.

    I don't know for sure but if you are using TomTom and the switch is on the phone symbol, maybe that is causing the crash.

    Make sure that when you use TomTom/GPS the swith is not on the phone symbol. See if that helps.
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    Now iám confused. After what I read on this great forum, the tomtom navigator works fine on Treo 600 but I got this answer from tomtom :

    At this moment we do not have software that is compatible with your Treo 600.
    We hope to have answered your question to your satisfaction.
    With best regards,

    The TomTom Customer Support Team

    Iám planning to buy Seido 2500 with gps and buy the tomtom, please correct me if this is a wrong decisions !
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    TomTom does not support this configuration. They do support the 650 from what I understand. Sizzles posted that he got it to work and I added my experiences as has been working well for me, but if you get this configuration it's pretty much at your own risk as TomTom will not support you. That being said, the only resets I have ever encountered is when exiting tomtom while there is an active navigation going on.

    When I first installed, I added only one State map and installed everything to the SD card. I tried it first without the 650 update and it worked pretty well, but none of the phone, calendar, mail, power buttons worked to exit TomTom, so I installed the 650 update. Then every map I have installed since then has been directly to the SD card via a card reader and using browse when prompted where to install the maps. I have a 1GB Kingmax platinum SD card.

    Brett, Have you tried to install another voice to use? maybe somehow the current voice files installed are corrupt? longshot probably, but give that a try.

    Also, I tested and TomTom seems to work well for me with the Seidio in either phone or music position.
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    Thanks to Buzzinfil for your reply. Tomtom navigator supports T3 witch runs on exacts the same OS as the Treo 600, so I don't understand if it can make any problem at all. Are there maybe done some changes on the OS to work on Treo 600? They both run on 5.2.1.
    I live in Denmark and don't have any other voice navigation that's support Palm and roads for Denmark then tomtom.
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    I don't know why they won't support it.

    Brett, I bet TomTom thinks your voice files are somewhere they aren't. I see this with Ringo when for some reason the SD card isn't recognized....Ringo goes to look for the mp3 files and can't find them...then the Treo soft resets
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    I just found a guy selling the Seidio for $40 w/o power cable, so that's a pretty good deal...I'll buy the cable for $12 off of Seidio...Now, on to find a better deal than $145 for the TomTom (though, that is a great deal, I can never buy from the first place I find .
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    Buz ... how do you install the files using a card reader. I am having the absolute worst time trying to install the files to the card. Do you first install the files to your computer and then transfer them to the SD card. Please explain.
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    Hey, When you put in the CD and click add maps, select the map you want, click next and "Other Location (Advanced)" shows up under storage card and main memory options, then click next and there is an option for PC Storage Card reader, select that and you are good to go....

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    In Denmark it is not possible to buy tomtom software without GPS receiver like the set on tomtom´s homepage and the tomtom navigator 3 only supports Palm with win app. Dos any one know if the Treo 600 fits into the T3 holder, or if it is possible to buy the software for Palm OS alone, and what is the software then called ?
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    Buz ... it is three days later and I finally got all the maps installed, including major US Roads, Mideast, New England, Southeast and Canada (approximately 600MB) and the TomTom system is working. Unlike yours, I have to keep the swith on the music symbol, otherwise my calls cannot come through.

    I do have another question, this summer my family is driving down to Florida. How do you plan routes through several maps. I mean I cannot just enter Toronto to Orlando.
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    Unfortunately with tomtom, I think you will have to use the Major Roads map to navigate to Florida and then once you are in Florida switch to the Florida map. I don't think tomtom will automatically switch maps for you. Should be easy to swap out maps quickly while at a gas station though - just switch map and select navigate to recent address.

    I believe to get calls like you, I need to have the Seidio in the music position and then switch to the phone position to take the call.
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    Well, thanks for all the information. I didn't mention that I ended up buying a card reader ($30). Should have bought it earlier. The information installs in a fraction of the time.

    Over the next little while, I will be trying out the system and will report back.
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