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    hi all,
    pls forgive me if this has already been addesed in this forum, but I have done a search, and did not come up with anything...
    I have a Treo 600, approx 1 year old. It has recently started switching itself off at random moments ??? I cannot see any pattern there at all.
    I first tried a soft reset, then a hard reset creating a new user account and gradually reinstalling various apps I was using.
    Basically, the T600 still turns itself off.
    So PLEASE, if anyone knows what causes this, and can give me any advice, I would be moist grateful.
    Thanks in adance

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    Dude, wrong thread. Mod, please move.

    I'm assuming you're using a GSM Treo 600?

    I had a very similar problem with my Verizon Treo 600 and after consulting with tech support and running all of the necessary diagnotics, etc. is was determined that the unit itself was malfunctioning.

    Have you loaded any software lately or notice anything suspicious before the resetting began?

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