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    What's some good shareware for reading & editing Excel files? I've tried TinySheet, but I don't really like it. Is there anything else out there ... cheap?
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    I tried tinysheet and didn't like it either. I tried all of the spreadsheets out there and concluded that Quicksheet is head and shoulders above the rest. Also carries a pretty steep price tag. Would you believe $39.95? I decided I really didn't need a spreadsheet on my VDX, but if I ever change my mind I'll grit my teeth and pay the price for Quicksheet. It works as advertised. You could always download a trial copy. I think it's good for two or three weeks and not crippled.

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    Thanks tons for the advice, John. I've noticed Quicksheet, but like you I've been scared off by the price. Maybe I will at least download the demo. Thing is, doesn't Quicksheet use up quite a chunk of memory?
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    IMHO QuickSheet is THE killer app. for the Visor.

    In terms of size the application is only 200k (plus 31k for Quickchart and 14k for the API).

    The spreadsheets can get pretty big, if you have lots of whitespace between cells.

    Integration with Excel is a breeze, it adds a menu to excel so you can open QuickSheet spreadsheets, or save your Excel spreadsheets to Quicksheet. Sorted!
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    I bought Quicksheet, choking on the price, but decided to buy because they offered free upgrades for life (at least a few months ago). Fgured that I can't beat that.

    Admittedly, I have not spent much time learning about it other than trying to use it. One really annoying thing is that the text in cells is not allowed to overlap into other cells. Something that is necessary in almost every decently formatted spreadsheet you would ever use. I hope they fix that in an upgrade soon.
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    You might try minicalc. I think minicalc is cheaper than quicksheet.
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    A feature I like about Quicksheet is it's ability on the desktop to open into the current spreadsheet. This is useful when sync'ing a formatted worksheet (i.e. corporate dictated expense format).

    I don't need all the special formatting (boxes / shading) on the Visor to clutter things up and slow it down.

    This is the best as far as i'm concerned.
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    Not that I have money to burn, but $39.95 does not seem unreasonable for this product considering the coding that had to be undertaken in the development. Good C/C++ programmers are not cheap.

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