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    OK so I know the device is completely bogus -- $229 for basically a Palm III (plus a pedometer -- can someone invent a springboard for this please?). But, has anyone tried out the software. Interested, and it appears that there aren't any good integrated fitness/exercise/nutrition software apps out there. Thoughts?
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    I haven't tried the software you mentioned. However, I have been using dietlog (nutrition tracking and targets) which I like, and just recently downloaded the integrated exerlog (tracking fitness stats and workouts) and the integrated weightlog (tracking personal weight stats). Since I have not yet used these last two, not sure how good they are, but dietlog is visor-friendly and easy to use and personalize.
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    Ooops. Wrong place to post a reply. Anyway, can you drop me an e-mail and let me know what you paid for all three packages? Also, I'd be really interested to see how well you think they work together.
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    Before you spend money on fitness software, you might be interested in "Eat Watch" for the PalmOS. This app tracks your weight, plots weight trends, and has an exercise tracker built in.

    The only downside is that the exercise plan is keyed to the one presented in the author's online book, and you can't change it. But I'm using it to track my weight, and I appreciate the graphs it plots and the fact that it calculates weight trends.

    The software, and the book, are free from:

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