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    There seem to be people trying to load or run hacks and/or custom ROM re-flashes that are for CDMA radios only (The Treo650 for Sprint/Verizon) these will in some cases ruin your bran new GSM Treo650(AT&T/Cingular/T-Mobile etc).

    Just trying to help out some treo owners from messing their phones up. The CDMA version and GSM version are not the same. If in doubt, make a post or don't do it.

    Hope this help someone.
    Regards, Matt

    So even though these two version look the same (more or less) and the PDA portion is the same (more or less) the radio is totaly different between the two.

    The "radio" is the phone portion per se. The CDMA version works on a different frequency then the GSM version, as well as them being totaly incompatible with each other. Think of it as a Chevy HD pickup. Even though the Gas powered and diesel version look the same, the motors are not the same at all, kind of the same here. Not untill you look under the hood (or pop the cover in the Treo's case) will you notice it. I think the GSM version uses the Broadcom BCM2132 chip and I am unsure about the CDMA version, does anyone know? Is it a Qualcom?
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    When Gsm-specific Programs, Roms & Hacks Start To Appear! Don't Load These On To Your Sprint Phone! I'm taking bets some noob will do this too!
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