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    I don't normally like to post but since I have gotten a lot of help from other users I thought I should also share my experience to those who may need the help.

    I finally got mine unlocked. The process was quite painful.

    The next day after receiving my phone, I called one of the mentioned numbers. When I gave the phone number over the phone, the cs looked up my record and said that my account was only activated a few days (I ordered my phone from and the phone was probably activated before shipped out and so when it got to me it was a few days of activation) and I could not get it unlocked after 30 days (1 billing cycle). Then I said I had been with AT&T for almost 2 years and as a matter of fact I still have not canceled my AT&T account yet. The cs said AT&T is not the same as Cingular and insisted that I must wait. In addition, he said that Cingular does not have the unlock information anyway and it has to get the unlock code from the manufacture. So, I just said "ok" and hang up because it was a waste of time. I did not have time to call back to try another cs.

    Then later on I read from one of the forums saying that the unlock code could be provided by e-mailing to So, I tried. But at that time I did not have my Cingular acct # with me and so I just provided other info that I had. After a couple of days I got back a reply telling me that in order to have my phone unlocked I must be a Cingular customer (I guess they did not even bother looking up the phone # to see if I'm a customer already) and must have the account for 90 days.

    Then, I replied by adding the acct # but never got a reply (I forgot to take out the re: in the subject line).

    After a couple days, I re-submitted the request as a new e-mail. I also wrote a brief message saying that I must get my phone unlocked because I will be traveling overseas in a couple of weeks. I also indicated that I have been with AT&T. And previously when I had T-Mobile they were willing to unlock my phone right after activation. And if I can't get the phone unlocked, I would have to cancel my service before the 30-days. So, finally after about 2 days I got back my code and a powerpoint file with the instruction of unlocking. (I'm trying to attach it here if you want to see it.)

    It was a real pain but I guess there is no easy way yet. I feel glad that I finally get it; otherwise, I would have to carry 2 phones in my upcoming trip.

    So, if you have not already known the process, here's the one that worked for me.

    E-mail to with subsidy sim unlock code needed as the subject.

    In the body of the message, include the following:

    Cingular Acct#
    Phone Type: Palm Treo 650
    Reason for request

    If you don't get it in your first attempt, keep trying by adding more pressure (remember to take out the re: so that it would be treated as a new request). Hopefully, you will get it. Of course, if you don't have an upcoming trip, you can always wait the 90 days. But I still think e-mail is better than calling because it seems like this e-mail address is exclusively for unlocking and you won't have to come across with those cs who don't have enough knowledge.

    Hope this helps!
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    I used the code in your zip file and unlocked my phone too.

    I hope it doesnt explode now!
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    That's interesting! I never paid attention to the code in the zip file because I thought it was just an example. I just used the one provided in my e-mail which was totally different.

    Have you tried plugging in another sim card to confirm that it's actually working? If it's really the "universal code", I think many users will be very happy because they won't have to deal with the cs anymore!
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    This may be the thread of all threads if this is true. Anyone else want to try before I go out and buy a $700 unlocked from P1?


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    Actually that code in the ZIP is just an example, you can put in any 8 digit number and it still tells you it's unlocked but it's actually not... the best way to prove it is swap a non-Cingular SIM in and see what it says... I know mine unlock code is not the same as the one in the ZIP and a T-Mobile SIM works on my unlocked Cingular branded 650.

    It has to be unique.
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    does not work, tried it and got a message sim lock has been removed but then i tried an AT&T sim and it is still locked.
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    here another reason why the must unlock the phone
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    Subsidy unlock codes are unique for each IMEI. You can't just take any 8 digit number and expect your subsidy lock to be removed.

    I don't know much about SIM locks, but if you want to use any SIM in your phone you have to have the subsidy lock removed. I had subsidy lock removed, and I can use TMobile prepaid SIMs on two Cingular phones.

    The instructions I receive did not use *#*#XXXXXXXX#<DIAL>. It simply asked me to put in a non-cingular SIM then input the 8 digit subsidy code when prompted. It worked.
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    Hmmm, have not tried it with another sim card yet.

    When I go into preferances/communication/network, the phone show locked, BUT modify is clickable the unlocks the phone. I go into details and fallback is set to none. Two other options are Cing GPRS or Cing CSD. Not sure what this mans though.

    When I leave preferences and come back it is locked again.
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    Is the IMEI # the ID number or the S/N?
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    It is the same thing as ESN. IMEI is the common name in GSM for ESN in other systems.

    Btw, it took me a week's worth of bugging tech support to get my subsidy unlock code. I sent the same email only to get a response: "We do not sent unlock codes by email for security reasons. Please call 611." But finally in the last call to tech support I received my unlock code via email. Some security. LOL

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