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    I got my free $200 worth of software (I have 2 T650) and so I downloaded both Agendus and Beyond Contacts. Side note donít hot sync both of these to the 650 there is not enough memory.
    So is it worth the memory space to use these to enhance the default calendar, task, memos? To me it is a lot of overhead. What is the benefits to you?
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    I felt the same way. I had an Agendus trial and deleted it.

    I see the benefits. Having Tasks and Calendar in one display was very nice. In addition, the week view looked nicer in Agendus than in the Calendar. The down side was that syncing with iCal and the Mac OS Address book was not as smooth and the Contacts search wasn't as easy in my opinion. I have read that the ability to search for free space to make calendar events is one of the best features, but I don't have too much use for that.

    After considering all of that, I just deleted it because the Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Memos work great for me without it. Just my opinion. For reference, I use my Treo a lot for both business and personal use, but I don't have a job where I have to take frequent meetings or go on numerous sales calls. Maybe for those types of people it is more useful.
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    There should be absolutely no difference in syncing whether using the native PIM program or Agendus. Agendus uses the native databases and adds it's enhancements by annotating in the notes fields of each database. Datebk5 operates in the same manner. I believe a fundamental principle in both programs is to use the native dbs without any alterations.

    Contact search has at least 3 modes: type it in, use the tabs, or even use the 5way to select letters (hard to explain, but great when using 650 one handed)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Feather
    The down side was that syncing with iCal and the Mac OS Address book was not as smooth and the Contacts search wasn't as easy in my opinion..
    There's more to life than technology....but not a whole lot more
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    The syncing very well could have been user error. It was just a matter of the "priority" of each task not coming in right when I created a task in Agendus rather than creating it in Tasks before I installed Agendus.

    In contacts I liked the ability to just type first letter of first name followed by first letter of last name when searching for a contact. Again, could have been user error, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that with Agendus.
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    After playing with both I am leaning towards Beyond Contacts, for some reason the display and fonts are just much cleaner and more useful in BC. IMO Agendus clutters up my tiny display. This is major since I have way too many years of pc abused vision.
    I donít see many people posting about BC.
    Anyone a big fan?
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    I used BC on my T600, but on my T650 I decided to try the native app and I've been very pleased so far.

    I'm sure there are some people who need/want the additional feature found in an app like Agendus and BC, but I think most users will be very well served by the native app.
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    I use Beyond Contacts and I have always liked it. The reason I like it so much is that it syncs with EVERY field in Outlook. I have a lot of anniversaries in Outlook, and I can add them to my Treo via Beyond Contacts.

    If you use Outlook as your contacts/calendar and use a lot of the fields in Outlook (like multiple e-mail adresses with default names and anniversaries) then Beyond Contacts is a great way to make sure that everything will sync right.
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    yes, there is a lot of use for the apps, because the Palm native apps are for the ocassional user.

    the intergrated single view is invaluable. if you are a heavy calendar, contacts, and to do person, it is worth it's weight in gold.

    BC sucks because of the proprietary database and corruption issues. But for contacts only, it is nice.

    Agendus is have to use it a while to feel the power...makes you much more productive. And since it rides on top of the native palm dbs, it's less memory intensive and has crash protection.

    A great app and value.

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