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    hey everyone,
    so i chose the 19.99 media plan and have a 64k sim card.
    My internet is really slow though and so I went back into the Cingular reseller and asked if they knew why.
    He told me to upgrade to the 39.99 plan.
    I told him I didnt think I had to, but i did. I am now waiting for the change to take place and will test in aabout 2 hours.

    Is this true to get onto the EDGE network?
    I read here that I should be able to using the 19.99 plan.
    I also have an unlocked treo 650 if that helps.
    Also, when I check my preferences it sais:
    service: Cingular GPRS
    Connection: GPRS

    I don't see anything that says EDGE or blue network
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    You just got screwed.

    EDGE is automatically used if you have an EDGE capable device.

    Go back and get your plan back, ***** and complain, and get the media works "unlimited" package if that's what you had.

    I read in another forum that data rates are terrible in NYC for some reason. the $39.99 plan will do nothing for you.
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    True. How much you pay does not determine how fast you can access.

    I hope you can get back on the unlimited MEdia Works because I understand it was deleted from the system. Now only the MEdia Works 3MB, and MEdia Net 8MB are $19.99
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    OUCH!!! Consult the board first. I'm in NYC and my speed is fine using the unlimited 19.99 media works plan. You just shelled out 24 extra bones for nothing (a month).
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    If your within your 30 days, threaten to cancel if they don't put you back on the good old pre 3/11/05 Mediaworks unlimited.

    I really hope you get this resolved.

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