At one time I used to get a prompt every time I made a call to a number not in my Contacts list about whether I wanted to add the number to my contacts. It vaguely seems like this prompt had the option on it to not prompt me again, which at some point in the past I selected, and now I have been happily free of such prompting.

I recently had to restore my phone from a backup after a continuous reset loop, and thiis prompting is back. Every time I call a number not in my contacts list, I get prompted at the completion of the call to add it to my contacts list. I call a bunch of numbers I never plan to call again, so this prompting is annoying. These most recent prompts do not seem to have the option to not appear again, either!!

Does anyone know where this comes from? I have TAKEphONE and Agendus for contacts management. I have checked the options for these programs, as well as the regular Treo phone application, and can not find this option. Any help would be appreciated!