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    I dont know if its just me or not but there are times when my speaker volume seems fairly high and outta the blue it won't be as high anymore even though its still set to seven. I use ringo for my ringtones which uses the system sound prefs but I even notice it when I use real player to test it out. Even at max volume on real player it isn't as loud as it sometimes is and then it will randomly go back to being very loud again. It could be that the radiation has made me go nuts but I think im pretty keen to these things and its acutally happening. (Cingular Treo 650) Any IDEAS?


    Ringer volume is always set to the same thing as are the sounds in preferences.
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    I've noticed this as well. There are times when a dialed called is ringing where the first couple of rings will be very loud and then all of a sudden will soften. I've commented in another thread that my earpiece volume is way to low even when turned all the way up - if only I could somehow get it to stay at this louder setting permanently I would be a happy camper.
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    I notice this more on incomming rings and playing songs than acutal call volume but...its still a pain.

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    Well I have confirmed when this happens...the speaker volume dramatically changes after a soft reset. However, I have no idea what makes the volume go back up to normal loud levels. Any ideas...please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvan23
    the speaker volume dramatically changes after a soft reset. However, I have no idea what makes the volume go back up to normal loud levels.
    Ummm... could it be that the reset sets the volume to some pre-determined default level?
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    I wish it were that easy...all my settings are the same...eventually it just gets louder and I don't know why, this is true for all apps that use the external speaker
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    I have the same problem. The volume is way too low (even whent at 7)
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    about a half hour or so after the reset the volume just goes back up. Again, it isn't just ringones...its all speaker related volume. As far as I know there is no general speaker setting that acts a an overide for all volume settings.
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    I have the opposite problem. My volume is too high even at the lowest settings and listening through earphones....
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    Don't get me wrong...mine is very loud...probably too loud which I don't mind. However, after a soft reset it goes to about half of the loudness only to randomly go back up about a half hour later. Its not that its such a bad thing, its really bothering me in principal more than anything. I have a hard time buying into randomness on electronics. Everything should happen for a reason even if it is user error.

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