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    I work in server rooms a lot and noisy environments...

    I've tried:
    Logitech Mobile Freedom BT
    Motolora hs810, HS820
    Cardo Scala 500

    I'm currently using the Cardo Scala with a jabra eargel on my Treo 650. There was too much background noise without the eargel. The problem is that the Scala won't fit in the charger without taking the eargel on and off.

    Anyway.. So I bought an additional BT phone, LG PM325, yesterday. I was thinking of using the Scala on the PM325 and getting something better for my Treo 650.

    I think the only other decent options are the Sony 660 (with jabra eargel or slic sound) or Bluespoon AX. Both of these seem to fit in the ear (with modifications on the Sony).

    Anyone know which might be louder/better sound quality. I don't care about caller ID. I also don't care about range. I'm going to have the phone and the headset within a few feet.

    I do care about how well they connect/pair. Also, static when close together. Mainly, loudness and sound quality. Battery life is also a concern.

    Anyone tried both and compared? I've read reviews that talk about static when farther way, but I'm not concerned about that..
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