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    I've had my Treo 600 since December, but have just recently noticed this and I'm not sure if its always been like this and I haven't noticed or ifit just started happening (I think its the latter)

    When I recieve an incoming call, after 1 minute the PDA goes to auto-off and I cannot hear the call or speak to the person on the phone. I have to turn off the keyguard.

    I noticed that in PREFS, I had the auto-off set to 1 minute, so i changed that to 3 min for now so I can at least have a 3 min convo without interupption

    HAs anyone else noticed this? Is there a setting I accidentally turned on or off? I don't recall changing any thoughts would help

    I'm running Butler for alerta
    and Ringo for ringtones/images

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    Ok - an update

    I changed the PREFS to auto off after 3 minutes
    but i just recieved a call and it auto offed after 1 minute

    is there somewhere else that controls the auto off for the phone app?

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