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    Can someone refresh me on how to make the Date & Time show up on Favorites buttons?

    I've tried "&date" and "@date" for but I can't seem to make them work. As I recall from several years ago, you enter something under Speed Dial, but I can't remember what.

    (just got a re-furbished 600 from the insurance company and am trying to r-create my old configuration).

    Thanks, anyone!
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    It's sounds familiar & I remember trying it unsuccessfully. Maybe someone will help.
    BTW-I use Palm Commander to assign multiple apps to one button. I have MegaClock as the 2nd push on the far right button.
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    It seems the 600 does not support it
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    I carried it over from my 108G - and it worked just fine.

    I just can't remember the actual code entries.

    But thanks for the replies.

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