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    Lots of threads on backing TO the card. I am concerned about card contents. I moved some games like backgammon o the card using the built in feature in the 650 launcher. I used Powerrun to move others.

    1) I do not think the aps moved to the card using the Plam built-in feature get backed up - can anyone confirm?

    2) What about apps moved using Powerrun - these have some data as well so this is a concern.

    3) Is there any way to back up the contents of the SD card itself without buying some 3rd party like backupbuddy or whatever?
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    1) I think you are right - they DONT get backed up.

    2) If its on the SD card, Hotsync doesn't touch it on a backup.

    3) You can use the brute force method - copy the contents of your card to your PC using a card reader. BackupBuddy for Windows does it automatically every time you hotsync.
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