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    My sales rep can't figure out what she's talking about. I've been waiting for these 650s to come out for quite awhile for one specfic reason, ActiveSync. My business would benefit immensly from the calendar sync on the go.

    Anyway, she is claiming that the syncing uses text messaging. Since cingular doesn't have a unlimited text messages plan she then suggested I sign up a phone on an AT&T plan. But she then went on to say that AT&T phones would not work on cingulars network so if I wanted to switch it back I would have to by a new Treo.

    I know I'm not the only one that wants to use the ActiveSync with a 2003 exchange server. Someone please help.
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    Well, she is kinda right but not explaining it correctly. Lets start with the second part or her statement. The phone will work on the cingular network but if you buy an ATT Treo 650 (cingular blue) it will not work with a Cingular Sim (Cingular Orange), it will only work with an ATT sim since the phone is locked to whichever service yoiu have. The ATT phone is different from the Cingular phone in terms of locking to that network even though they are in essence the same company.

    The first part I am not completely sure of since I dont know exactly what syncing on the go is. If you mean email, this should not be an issue. If you are talking about something else, someone else here can answer better than I can.

    good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcarson83
    But she then went on to say that AT&T phones would not work on cingulars network so if I wanted to switch it back I would have to by a new Treo.
    That is their stock line. Like RobM said the phone is locked so it only accepts an ATT SIM. What this means is that you will need to get your present phone unlocked if you want to use a Cingular SIM (or anyother for that matter). You don't need to buy a new one.

    Both ATT and Cingular locked phones roam on each others towers in many areas (mine did prior to the merger). I was told that a blue phone prefers blue towers over orange towers and vice versa. So it is my understanding that a blue phone will grab a weaker blue signal even if a stronger orange signal is available. Guys correct if I am mistaken.
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    The syncing I'm trying to do is with a calendar. The T650 uses active sync to technology in the Exchange Server 2003 to sync with mobile devices anywhere. I was told that it does this with text messaging (I don't know if this is true).

    My problem is whether or not cingular will offer a plan that has unlimited text messaging in the near future (2-4 months). I won't have my server upgraded any sooner than that anyway to give it the active sync capability. If they don't get their plans straighted out within that time I need to go with a ATT (blue) box otherwise the way I understand it the Cingular (orange) would be fine.

    She mentioned they were in the process of merger their networks as well as their plans. What happens to the blue phones when this happens? Will they still work properly.

    I don't want to have a ATT plan if I can help it because the rest of my phones (some 15 or 20) are on a pooling plan.

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