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    Mine are Pocket General, Bubblet, and Galatic Realms...
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    My favorite freeware game is DOMINO. It is vety addictive.
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    QCheckers. Check it out at PalmGear.
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    Why is Galtic Realms freeware? It's listed as shareware on PalmGear and costs $15. Looks really neat though!
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    youre right, my mistake, its been a while since ive downloaded it, and i havent gotten past the first level its just fun to mess around with, i keep forgetting to save my games
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    bigtwo, pyramid, and rally 1000.
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    It isn't freeware, but there is a free demo of an interesting game called Void at

    It is an interstellar trading game with some space combat included. Very similar to that old game "Elite".
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    yeah, void rocks, if only had a few spare bucks id register
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    Still (I do not have much spare time to play games so I am not through yet) Eggyland and Vexed. Traffic is also quite nice.
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    I can't get my wife to stop with the waba Poker.

    I like: BJ blackJack, domino!1.4.
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    Mine favorites have got to be Cribbage and Rally 1000. Rally is very well done and much more challenging that the Mille Bourne game I have on my computer. Bomb Canada has taken up several "minutes" of my time too!
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    Ah, free games...

    Pyramid, Block Party, DopeWars, Galax, Gobble, Invaders, Knight, Konane, MahJongg, Niggle (Scrabble clone), PicFrame, Reptoids, Reversi, SameGame, SFCave, Traffic, and Twizzle are my favorites.

    I think BJ Solitare ($5) and Railroad ($12) are the only games I've purchased. Worth a try if you like solitaire card games

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