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    I am using a cingular GSM650 with my Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset. I have to push the button on the headset to connect every time, otherwise it will disconnect from the device after about 30 seconds. My motoroloa phone would stay connected to the headset constantly, unless I closed the boom on the headset. Any ideas?

    Also, my former phone was a Moto V505, so I am really missing the voice dial command ability. Is there any 3rd party software that works well with a bluetooth headset (provided I can fix the issue above)?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I have a similar problem. I think the Treo shuts down BT when in standby (after about a couple of minutes of ending a call). My BT headset complains for a while and then shuts down by itself. It is quite annoying.

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