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    Okay, here's my problem: I got a Cingular branded 650 on Feb. 7. To date, the thing has been soft reset twice. Both times, the reset was required in order for the phone to recognize the SIM phonebook. What would cause that? Then, tonight after my very first HotSync, I got a message about a corrupt or damaged SIM...about three second before the thing registered itself on the network. I also have been unable to export a contact to the SIM, however I did manage to import the entire's a mess. So, I guess my question is whether this is SIM issue or if I should try for another unit from Cingular. I certainly don't want to go from frying pan to fire if this is as good as it's going to get. Recommendations?
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    It's much easier to try another SIM card to detrmine if the T650 is good than it is to try another T650 to determine if the SIM is good. My advice is to have Cingular pop in a new SIM. If the problem continues then I would look at the Treo itself

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