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    Hi there!

    I'm planning on buying a Treo 650 and have Cingular as my provider for phone and data. My question here is, what additional service plan do i need to get to receive my email from work? My company uses the GOODLink email service/software.

    BTW, if I just get the MediaNET plan would that work with corporate emails?
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    isn't mediaworks only for internet and no data?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rchung
    isn't mediaworks only for internet and no data?
    i could have sworn the intarweb is transmitted as data.
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    "They have the internet on computers now?"

    - Homer Simpson

    You want the $24.99 Media Net option. The CSR will try to tell you that you can only get the $44 PDA plan.

    Go to and act like you're buying a 650 and after you select a plan, the unlimited Media Net plan for $24.99 is there. Select it. Add any text messaging plans, etc. that you want. Print the checkout page and take it to the store. Tell them that's what you want.
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    So what happened to the $19.99 mediaworks unlimited plan? When I signed up it said unlimited data, now it is a measly 3mb. Did they grandfather anyone in (how can I tell)? Or was I automatically downgraded?
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    I think they grandfathered people who signed up before the change. I didn't have that option.
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    so you're saying if i just go for the mediaNet plan (unlimited) it works with corporate emails? i just need to verify this before purchasing

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