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    I had been running Datebk5 without a hitch on my 650 until this evening, when I installed the latest version of SplashPhoto and BackupBuddy for windows (both of which ran fine). Now every time I try to run Datebk5 I get a soft reset - even after I've deleted the above 2 applications. I have the latest version of Datebk5, that's supposed to be compatible with the 650. Is this a previously described problem with a solution that anyone knows? I'm very dependent on Datebk5.


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    Try to run dbscan from the in the Datebk5 zip file.
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    i didnt liek the datebook, it took over my green phone button so i said screw it. the onyl thing i really liked was the varied snoozes, but now with alert manager, im cool.
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    If you use the reset phone app that comes with the treo650 version of DB5, it resets the green phone button to the correct state.
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    DBScan shows no corrupt files.
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    thanks for the tip jberger.
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    I'd try uninstalling then reinstalling it. Sounds like some file got corrupted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I'd try uninstalling then reinstalling it. Sounds like some file got corrupted.
    My Datebook5 started to reset today and I've tried this, resetting the Treo and nothing seems to work.

    I see Datebook3 in my FileZ lists but can't seem to bring it back up. Any ideas?

    P.S. I have over 10 mbs of space.
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    Serious suggestion:

    Post/participate in the yahoo group

    CESD, the author of Datebk5 participates there and is very responsive.

    I am testing some fixes for him. He may have quick solutions.

    Also check out the following for tons of Datebk tips..
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