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    1) The thing that keeps me from IMAP is the fact that I can't keep a folder and have others inside. What are others doing to keep outlook from looking rediculous with so many folders underneath Inbox...not to mention you have "sent" and others mixed in?

    I would love to see examples of how others are setting up IMAP.

    2) What is the step by step process of setting up my acct.'s with Fusemail to be able to retrieve them on Chatter if I decide to use IMAP?

    3) If I put an email in a folder on chatter will it do the same on outlook?

    4) How does Mailblocks do with chatter?

    Sorry for so many questions but I have searched and not found exact answers to these.
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    Boka: I will give these a shot...

    1. With chatter you can sync an 'inbox' folder and any other folders inside the inbox (i.e. sent, draft, etc)...whatever you have set up on your imap account.

    2. Sign up with fusemail, set it up to pull what ever email you want (I have it pull a 'yahoo' account because I dont pay to have the upgrade POP service ), this allows it to sync on my T600 because I have it set up as a 'mailbox' using the command "NEW ACCOUNT".

    3. Yes, if you are using outlook on your desktop and you have set up your email accounts with IMAP then when you drag an email from one folder to another, it will automatically update it on your treo. (It is almost automatic if your using an email server that supports IDLE). [I love watching my outlook on my laptop delete all the emails that I want when I use the expunge command on my treo...its awesome ]

    4. Sorry, I dont use mailblocks. I have a fastmail account set up on chatter. I also have a fusemail account set up on chatter. I then have my yahoo account 'pushed' (it pulls it every two hours - I didnt pay to upgrade fusemail ). My yahoo account allows me to pull my other pop accounts that I have had forever and then on top of all that, I have a gmail account that forwards all new email to my fastmail account and then it archives it. I set up my smtp profiles so that they 'look' like they are being sent from my gmail account (which has so much storage that I never have to delete anything). Is this redundant, probably . But now I can get all my email at one point or another and it syncs perfectly with outlook on my laptop.

    Good luck. Search for the threads on Marc's Chatter program. Download it and try it for 30 days. I think you'll like it .
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    Thanks for the reply. I still would like to understand more on how you set up your folder structure for IMAP since it doesn't support subfolders? Do you have any screen shots....anyone???

    So, I could have Fusemail pull my mailblocks email and have it pushed to chatter, correct? Would it come to me as a fw: email from my mailblocks acct. or a new email from the sender?
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    UW-imap, at least, supports sub-folders. I have /Projects. , inside of which I have /Misc, /Mold, ...

    I have mail inside these folders and Chatter (and other imap clients) are very happy to put and get mail to them.
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    Hmm, are you using Outlook with these subfolders? When I try this with outlook it does not allow subfolders.
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    IMAP (the protocol) most definitely supports sub-folders. I can't say that all implementations of IMAP do support sub-folders, but the protocol does.

    Chatter's implementation handles sub-folders very nicely. I have outlook 2003 and it sure seems to handle sub-folders. I have no idea how broken older versions are, but I know that at least one previous version of outlook did support sub-folders.

    On the server side, UW and courier both support sub-folders. I know those two firsthand. I am quite sure that MANY other servers do support sub-folders.

    So if you are not getting sub-folders, then either
    - you have an old version of outlook
    - you have a server that doesn't support them
    - you are misconfiguring something.

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    I am using Outlook 2003 with Mailblocks which supports IMAP. I just opened an account with Fusemail which I know several people have high remarks of. If anyone has the Fusemail/Outlook 2003 same setup could they give me the correct info to make this work? Greatly appreciated!

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