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    Hi.....just got this awesome North Face Shell along with a fleece jacket that I use as the liner. I'm living in Michigan, and it's currently cold (30-0 deg F) and bone chillingly dry.

    Fleece is a great generator of static electricity, so am I taking a chance buy carrying my Treo in the pocket of the outer shell?????

    Is anyone else wearing something similar?

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    I carry mine in my TNF summit coat every day and have not noticed a problem and this has the denali fleece under the shell and it's about 6 degrees today. I have been wearing this all winter no problems at all.
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    I may forgo case completely but I always carry in shirt pocket. Most of the time I pull it out and there's at least some condensation on screen ( and around the many keys)....???? Anyone had issues w/ this....I could carry "screen out" but that creates another (non-insured) risk of screen breakage.
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    I zapped mine carrying it in a columbia jacket before, more than one time it would *hard reset* itself losing everything stored.
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