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    I have been using my new Stowaway for a week (gave my GoType to a co-worker). I have discovered a minor bug that appears to be caused by the Stowaway keyboard driver.
    If you leave the driver enabled all the time (which worked fine with GoType), when you use the Visor undocked from the stowaway and try to enter any "dot-shifted" characters (like "&" "?" or "@") cannot be entered via graffiti. The "dot" in the lower right attempts to appear but doesn't. Disabling the driver clears the problem up. Minor, but I would love to know if anyone else has seen this. I also use the hack EveEdit 2.1, which may or may not be involved. It has not cause anything like this before.

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    I'm not doubting this is happening to you, but I have the same program, enabled, and I have no problem entering the extended "dot" characters with Graffiti. Perhaps it's the way the Keyboard program interacts with some other program you have and I do not -- what hacks are you running?
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    EveEdit 2.1
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    Originally posted by ConexantGuy:
    EveEdit 2.1
    Try disabling EveEdit and see if you can enter the extended characters then.

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    i have heard evedit is conflictual, but this problem is a common one, (if not consistent) -- there are numerous threads all over this board about it. the best advice so far is to disable the driver when not in use. a bit of a pain, but only a bit.

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    Yes, I can confirm with a similar and easily fixable bug. With the Keyboard software installed, the Visor will occasionally refuse to recognize the "upstroke" for upper case characters or the "dot stroke" for dot-shifted characters.

    Whenever it happens, all I have to do is enter the Keyboard software, uncheck the "Enable Stowaway" box and then immediately recheck it. All is fine.
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    Thanks, rosswords, for the advice about how to fix that particular bug!

    Another annoying thing I have experienced is that the keyboard suddenly switches unexpectedly to the international layout. (I don't have the packaging/manual that came with the keyboard so maybe that gives an explanation.) Anyone else with a similar problem?

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