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    I'm suprised that I've not seen anyone flogging this software utility for the Treo...I used it on my Tungsten and it also works wonders on my Treo - CardBackup allow you to fully back-up your Treo to your SD card so you have a mirror everywhere you go - if you screw up your Treo somehow or lose something...just access your SD card and run CardBackup - it does a full restore to the Treo and also allows you to schedule regular back-ups to the SD card (like a HotSync)...this has saved my **** on more than one occasion - pease of mind is worth the download - you can check it out at

    Hope it works as well for 650 users (I have a 600). Jim
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    I use it and it works on Treo 650.
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    jim, most people around here are using BackupbuddyVFS, thus not many posts about cardbackup
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    Cardbackup corrupts the 600. It for some reason doesn't restore whatever is necessary to launch the web browser.

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