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    When I am using the Cingular T650 in the car, if the phone is too close to the dash, the car speakers start to buzz.

    Anybody experienced the same? Do I have a bad phone?

    My CDMA phoe doesn't seem to interfer with the car speakers.

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    It also interfers with my computer speakers. If I put phone right next to a TV during a call, not only would the TV speaker buzz but the picture on TV is also affected.

    Is this normal?
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    It's RF from the phone, interference happens. This is one reason hospitals and airlines want cell phones off becuase they can cuase problems sometime eventhough most devices are shielded from external RF.
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    Thanks. What I don't get is why the CDMA phone doesn't have any interference at all.

    Is CDMA inherently better in this aspect?
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    This is caused by speakers that are not magnetically shielded........CMIIW
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    Did you mean the speakers on the phone or the speakers in the car and around the house?

    Also, how much interference is 'normal' for a GSM T650? Mine created enough noise from the car speaker that I have to turn the head unit off instead of just mute it. Also the picture on the TV really rippled. Even just browing the internet caused the interference.

    Can anybody try it in front of an analog TV set? Thanks.
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    GSM phones ALWAYS do this. It is well-known and it has a specific pattern to the sound that's distinctive. I can't quantify how much is normal, but you shouldn't think this is a Treo problem. It sounds like if you keep the phone away from the dash you would be fine.
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    at least you can tell when a phone call is going to come in before it rings and amaze people with your "ESP".. hahaha...

    anyways, as stated above, it's only GSM that has that problem (well, TDMA based phones have it), CDMA phones don't exhibit this problem.
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    Happens to me as well...I use it to my advantage as my speakers in my office start to buzz in a particular patern just seconds before the phone rings so I know a call is coming...dont mind it at all

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    You can also hear this if the phone is searching for a signal. I get this in my office if I'm on a (wired) phone headset - I have to move the phone away from the headset. I would hear the same sound with my Tungsten W and i705 - the latter, definitely not GSM.
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    Its the ole RADIATION KING singing its sweet sweet song.

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