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    I have been trying out a new application (new to me) that is GREAT! It is called TextPlus by Smartcell ( It is one of those programs that guesses what you are writing and suggests words and phrases that you can tap instead of writing them out. It is not Deep Thought or anything, but it works quite well and turns writing an email message from a chore into something feasible. The utility works in whatever application you are entering text into.

    TextPlus uses a database of words and phrases and keeps track of the frequency of use so that it learns from you and guesses better (well, sort of learns). You can also get a utility to convert the database into a text file on your PC to customize the words and phrases or even create your own new one. Then you can convert it back into a db and put it on your Visor.

    This product is worth a try, IMHO.

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    There's a free program that apparently does the same thing:

    LookDA - a neat little utility that helps auto-complete words for you...sort of like the shortcuts...but better:
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    I have had TextPlus on my Visor for six months, and if I could only pick one app, this would be it (maybe tied with BrainForest). Being able to enter text more quickly by hand makes the Visor much more useful to me. I have not tried LookDA, and will defer to those that have, but it looks to me from the descriptions that a some of the distinctions between LookDA and TextPlus are that TextPlus learns phrases as well as words, the TextPlus clipboard/editor app as well as TextPlus Anywhere for use in other apps, and the way TextPlus learns which words and phrases that you use most often and suggests those first. Also, I've had very prompt technical support from SmartCell when I've had questions. Another distinction, of course, is that TextPlus costs $20 and LookDA is free, but that's peanuts to me for a great app that saves me time every day.

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