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    I just got my new Treo 650 and performed my first hot sync. I am upgrading from a 600 that had a custom skin that I FORGOT the name of. It distrots the buttons and I am trying to restore to the original 650 buttons. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
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    I had the same thing happen. Do a hard reset. Press the reset and hold down the red phone key. This will give you the option to erase all the data from the treo.

    I then went and deleted all the applications of out the sync folder. Then reinstalled the application i needed from the backup folders.

    That will solve the problem

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    Retro - Thanks for the help but I am not very advanced when it comes to this stuff. Delete everything from the sync folder?? If I do a hard reset how do I get everything back except for this skin? Sorry for being clueless - just dont want to lose everything
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    You need to find the backup folder. It is in the directory where you installed the software in a folder title by your sync name. You should see two folders on called backup and the other called oldbackup.

    I am not the most tech savy. What i did to solve the problem was delete everything out of the backup folder. I then went and started reinstalling from the oldbackup folder. I did have some applications that i had to download again and reinstall. After you install from the oldbackup then sync again. It will put everything back in the backup folder. You could also download filez from and look for the file that is causing the problem. I had too many things go wrong on the installation so i wanted a fresh start.

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