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    searched and searched....

    what's the difference between a HANDSPRING logo and a PALM ONE logo on the front of the phone?...please tell me everything...

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    Probably vintage, i.e. manufacturing date. Handspring introduced the T600 some time ago, then Palm bought Handspring, and continued manufacturing the T600 - now rebranded and re-logoed - until our precious T650 came out.
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    Main difference is manufacturing logistics. Handspring had different OEM facilities and suppliers. Of course, when PalmOne took over, not only did they relocate manufacturing facilities, I'm sure they had different suppliers that took over the product line. This happened in late Oct '03. Hence, the disparity in reliability. I have an original Handspring T600 that keeps going and going and going............. I'm not saying that Handspring did not have their issues but they were on their way to making a reliable product as compared to its T300 predecessor. But it seems that PalmOne had to start over when they inherited the product line.
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