This has me stumped and is really frustrating. I cannot send sms to one particular person. I can send to, and recieve from any other party. I can also recieve from this person. My wife had the same phone and carrier as the person I can't send to and could recieve my sms fine. I have contacted cingular and filed 3 trouble tickets. After 3 days I get a sms that my issue is resolved. Of course it is not. The other party has also called to get the issue resolved with his carrier and has been told it is not on his end, although they today to him that they "totaly reset" his entire account. This problem started when I ported my number to cingular from sprint 3 months ago. All obvious things were checked like if he has me blocked either on his phone or at the website, and we both have had new phones in the same time frame. Any ideas???