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    Is there any updates, or any steps I should take before all the problems start creeking in??

    Finally having a Palm again after 2 years of waiting and holding back on the Treo600.

    3 cheers!!!
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    Make sure it is working before you put on screen protector and before you sync it. It gives you a better idea how the phone is funtioning before other conditions exist. Also check to make sure you can turn Bluetooth on and off without freezing the phone. I would check it for two days before syncing.
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    If I were you, I would make sure the phone is working first before you load anything. Make sure you can make and receive calls, and make sure your voicemail is configured correctly. Turn the phone off and back on again and recheck your voicemail number. If your phone seems stable for a little while, then go crazy.

    I would then hotsync my PIM data (I use outlook). My contacts, calendar, memos, etc. I wouldnt install anything else just yet. When you do your first sync I think the palm software will install updates to versamail and docstogo. Just make sure your PIM data is ok. Look up some contacts, call them from your contact app. Check your calendar, create some appointments, choose different categories, and sync.

    Did it reset yet? No? You are doing good.

    Then its a matter of deciding which apps you need. I would highly recommend Uninstall Manager and Cleanup (get the NeatFreak pack from first. This will keep track of all the other apps that come after and let you uninstall them cleanly.

    I would also recommend BackupBuddy for Windows Pro 2.x and BackupBuddyVFS Pro 3.07. ($40 for the combo at This will create a full backup on your PC ever time you hotsync so you can revert back to any point in time you want. IT will also give you the pro version of the app so you can do backups on your SD card.

    By the way, do you have an SD card? Highly recommend the Sandisk Ultra II card . Or, if you want to go crazy, the Sandisk Extreme III 1GB SD card ($114 at It has 20MB/sec transfer speed and is 133X. Craziness!!! The Treo doesnt take much advantage of all that speed, but if you subscribe to the Tim Taylor school of purchasing, arrrghhh arghhh arghhhh

    Don't forget a case to protect your baby.

    And, do install Zap!2016. It comes on the Palm disk. Install it on the SD card. That game is a BLAST!!!!

    Good luck!!!
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    Thanks a bunch for the very sane and practical advice. I just got my unlocked Treo 650 a few days ago, and your post was just what I needed!

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