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    putting my IPaQ 6315 aside for a bit to give my new T650 a chance. Not used to palm OS. Can anyone comment on this: on a pocket pc it is suggested that you shut down running programs to conserve battery power. I hav'nt come across how to do this on the T650. Or, maybe its not necessary?
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    No, not necessary. If a program runs in the background (like TealScript, Chatter, etc.) it will have an option to turn it off in its menu.
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    Completely unnecessary. There are a FEW programs that run in the "background" (like ChatterMail, etc.) but you would never "shut them down" -- configure them to not run in the background. PPC apps startup and run until you kill them. Palm apps generally stop when you start another app. It appears they are still running because they usually save their state when you change app and the app restores its previous state when you start it again. The startup and shutdown is generally so fast you don't even notice it is happening so it seems like you have them all running, sometimes. When you get used to it I think you will like Palm better, overall.
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    ok, cool.... thanks to all for the info....

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