I wrote Qualcomm about a Mac conduit for Eudora Internet Suite, and this is the response I got:



When will there be a Macintosh EIS Conduit?

The Eudora Internet Suite currently does not include a conduit for the Macintosh. We've had requests for a mac conduit and this is actively being considered. Since this is the first version of EIS, it will take time to get a feel of what the user base is like and work from there.

We're listening to our loyal Macintosh users - we just don't have an estimated release date for the Macintosh conduit. It won't happen sometime in the immediate future. For users who want a Macintosh conduit, please write to eis-suggest@qualcomm.com. Numbers will matter when it comes to working on another conduit.
Jim Y.
Technical Support Specialist
QUALCOMM's Eudora Internet Suite Technical Services
It would be great if we could rally up some support for this. I already gave them an email. It only takes a few minutes to write 'em, so let's do this!

Try to get the word around to other Mac users too, anybody that would like to see the conduit soon.


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