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    My brand new unlocked 650 keeps resetting randomly. It will go to sleep and then when I try and use the phone it will reset. When I go to speed dial it will reset. Not every time but randomly. Anyone had a similar experience. I hard reset it and did not load any software and had the same problem. I took out my sim and had the same problem.
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    may be it's a defective P1 and get a replacement.
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    I've had mine for a week and it's been pretty much perfect (minus the two freezes I had today). I'd return it...I heard other people mention they got defective unlocked ones from p1 and the replacement ones were perfect.
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    Looks like a lemon. Send it back and get a replacement.
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    Smells like a lemon too. Send it back.
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    Thanks. I will call PalmOne in the AM and get it replaced.

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