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    Ok i just got my treo 600. The email client it comes with very easily checks my email at gmail and sprint but will not send for either account if someone could help in any direction it would be great the app is just called Mail
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    who is your carrier?
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    Felipe is asking because you may need to send your outbound email thru your wireless carrier (i.e. I used to send my mail through the sprint pcs SMTP server), as many other providers (e.g. Comcast or Yahoo) often prevent outbound SMTP from from another network (e.g. the Sprint network) so they don't become vehicles for spam.
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    i finaly got it to work sending through sprint but what i dont understand is i sent messages through gmails server like 2 days ago with a ipaq connected to a bluetooth phone through sprints network using and then the port. o well it works now
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    Donnie: I think the other issue is that the smtp server for gmail requires having it send out through a different port (SSL encryption??)...something you cant get the default app on the T600 do. (versamail on the T650 can do it.)
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    OK, I'm a retard. The old Treo had a program called Mail that sync with your mail Inbox in Outlook Express. I can't get VersaMail to do this. Am I misconfiguring something?
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