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    A while back I saw a program that allowed one to change the functions of the silk screened buttons. Any idea on the name or where I can get it?


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    I *think* I know what you are talking about... If so, it's already part of the Visor.
    From the main launcher, choose PREFS.
    In the top right-hand corner, choose (pull-down) BUTTONS.
    From here, you can modify what different buttons do when pushed/touched.
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    The program I'm looking for would allow up to 4 programs to be assigned on each of the 4 silk screened buttons; home, calculator, menu, and find.

    Each corner of the button could be assigned a different program.

    I've tried to find something like it on Palm Gear, but no luck.

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    Well, I found what I believe I was looking for. It's Silkhack. But it doesn't work, or atleast I can't make it work. The website listed on it doesn't work anymore either.

    Oh well.

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    I think you might looking for apphack - try this link. You'll need Hackmaster as well.
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    I know EXACTLY what you are wanting, and I have the link. The program is called AppDA Launcher, and can be found at:

    You can also find it on the Palm Gear site:

    There are several apps written for it and it works like a Hack for Hackmaster. I've got a Julian date calendar for mine. It took a little while to figure out how to use AppDA Launcher correctly, but it does have good instructions with it. You will need Hackmaster to run the program though.

    I hope this helps you out!

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    I hope you guys don't mind my piggy backing this thread. No one responded to the thread I started earlier. I am looking for software packages that does the following:

    1. Basic software that would keep track of my assets and liabilities.

    2. Security software which would allow me to restrict certain sections of the visor.

    3. Portfolio management software to keep track of stocks, mutual fund, cash.... I don't mind imputting the information manually.

    4. Stock Tracking Software that updates everytime I hotsync. I have tried Stock Manager and Mobile Portfolio Tracker, but they can't seem to handle multiple transactions for one stock.

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